The website

This is a website for an independent contractor specializing in home improvements. There are three main purposes of the website. The first purpose is to highlight the services Mr. Larson can provide to his customers. The second is to showcase the pictures of home improvements that he has done in the past. Lastly this website will provide contact details for prospective customers to Mr. Larson.

Updates to Website

The nice thing about this website is that the images and text can be loaded directly from the owner of the business. We give the owner a webpage that allows the loading of text into the webpages. The text gets written to a database and then retrieved every time the webpage is loaded into someone's browser. The owner can also FTP (we use FileZilla) images to be used on the website. For example, when you go to you will see a different image each time you visit. This gives extreme flexibility to the owner to change things up from time to time.

You can have this too!

If you are interested in obtaining something similar to this just drop a line to: alan at and we would be glad to help you out.