WorkFlowy Runs My Life

by Alan Neese

My Intro to WorkFlowy

I ran across this application called WorkFlowy while watching a YouTube video probably eight years ago. The person making that video was explaining how WorkFlowy helps runs their business. So I decided to give WorkFlowy a shot.

What is WorkFlowy?

WorkFlowy is a an organizational tool that makes life easier. It's a surprisingly powerful way to take notes, make lists, collaborate, brainstorm and plan. In a nutshell, WorkFlowy is one big bullet list. I know that sounds weird. But it works brilliantly as a big database of things going on in your entire life.

My Experiences

It was slow going at first. But everything is slow going at first, because you are just a beginner (good things come to those who wait). I didn’t really understand the real benefits of the software until I gave it a chance.

This is not going to be a blog post about how to use WorkFlowy. I want to give you one example how WorkFlowy has made a very positive improvement in my life. This is only one example. Just image if you can implement other improvements over a hundred times just for you and your family. It will make a big impact in your life. You will become more organized than you ever thought you could become.

The Grocery Store Example

When it comes to grocery day around our house, my wife Angela, always use to send me an email saying “I am going to the grocery after work. Is there anything you want me to pick up for you?”. I appreciate her asking, but it gets tiring after a while answering that question.

So here is how I conquered this problem. I started by creating a bullet item in WorkFlowy called ‘Grocery’ and it looks like this.

The shopping cart icon is an emoji. You can copy emojis and paste them into WorkFlowy without any problems. So I started putting the items that we wanted as bullets underneath (indenting with the tab key) the Grocery bullet.

URLs and Images

URLs work exactly the way you would expect them to work. If you want to put a link such as in WorkFlowy, you would be able to click on it and you would be taken to the Google website. Images also work. There is an image underneath the ‘Strawberry banana juice’ bullet point. This helps my wife know which kind of juice that I wanted.

Sharing with my Wife

So now we have a list of groceries that my wife would pick up at the grocery store. In order to share it with her I hovered over the bullet for ‘Grocery’ and picked the share option.

When you click on the share option you get a window like this one.

I entered my wife’s email address and turned on the edit toggle and pressed the add button. This gives her the ‘Grocery’ bullet in her WorkFlowy account. So when she goes to the grocery she just pulls out her iPhone and runs the WorkFlowy app and she knows exactly what to get.

Both of us can edit the list, and both of us can see the changes instantly. WorkFlowy is a very fast application.

Wrap Up

WorkFlowy is a FREE application. It is available for the PC desktop (at, the Internet at, iOS and Android phones.

Please use the links at the bottom to learn more about WorkFlowy. There are tons of information in YouTube and on their website.


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