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This program is our original project that started over twenty years ago. When I first started officiating in Illinois, there were hardly any options for computer scheduling. So I decided to write my own solution. I have worked on Sports Scheduling System (S3), off and on during those twenty years.



Here is how to use this site. You must first have an assignor that has sporting events to assign to sports officials. Our website does not hand out any assignments by itself. You need an assignor to do that. The assignor needs to signup (for free) at the website.

The assignor then needs to tell their sports officials that S3 will be how they get their contests assigned to them. The officials will need signup at the website. There is a cost associated (currently $20 per year) with their membership to the website. After the official has signed up, they are responsible for loading their availability. This includes each date during the season along with the beginning hour and ending hour of when they can work the contest. These availability screens are very easy to use.

Once the assignor get the information on the games they are responsible for, they are either loaded by hand (via a form) or they can be loaded using an Excel Spreadsheet.

Now it's time to assign the games. This is where S3 shines! The assignor will select a contest to be assigned. All the assignor has to do is click on the contest they want to assign (like the one below).

After clicking the contest the assignor is taken to the detail screen of the contest. Here the assignor can make assignments to the officials.

Clicking on the official's box will show who is available to work the contest (the ones with a green background are available).

Once you choose the official and click the blue 'Update Officials' button, an email gets sent to the official alerting them to the fact that they have been offered an assignment.

Clicking the link in the email takes the official to S3 to accept or reject the contest.

As you can see above, S3 shows every detail of the contest for the official. All the official has to do is click the green or red button to accept/reject the contest. Either way, the assignor will be notified of their decision. We are just hitting the highlights of S3. There are many bells and whistles that come along with S3.