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We have been in business for over twenty years.   Our company has it's roots in the sports industry.   I myself have been a sports official for nearly 30 years now.   I have leveraged that experience into starting this business and have taken it into other directions in the past few years.

We are located in Cherry Valley (not Silicon Valley), which is located in the northern Illinois.  Instead of making semi-conductors like they do in Silicon Valley, we make great software utilities and websites in Cherry Valley.

We don't hire third world programmers to build your website.  We design and build websites on our own.   This way you can be certain your project will perform the way that you want it to.   Our promise to you is that we will be the most efficient way to spend your money.  

Software training is one of the things that has interested our customers.  We can train you on virtually any software on the Internet while you sit in the comfort of your own home.

Our Products
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Sports Scheduling System

This app will enable a sports scheduler to schedule officials for sports contests.
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Put all of your bookmarks in the cloud so that you will never lose them.
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Blood Glucose

Captures your glucose readings and keeps them for one year.
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Prayer WarriorZ

Keep track of your prayers in the cloud. Also the ones from family and friends.
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Website Special

Take advantage of our website special for only $99.
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Ideas for your Brain

This will teach you how to organize your mind and life. It's a life changer!
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