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About Us

We have been in business for over twenty years.  Our company has it's roots in the sports industry.  I myself have been a sports official for nearly 30 years now.  I have leveraged that experience into starting this business and have taken it into other directions in the past few years.

We are located in Cherry Valley (not Silicon Valley), which is located in the northern Illinois.  Instead of making semi-conductors like they do in Silicon Valley, we make great software utilities and websites in Cherry Valley.

We don't hire third world programmers to build your website.  We design and build websites on our own.  This way you can be certain your project will perform the way that you want it to.   Our promise to you is that we will be the most efficient way to spend your money.  Ask us about a FREE website for new customers.

Software training is one of the things that has interested our customers.   We can train you on virtually any software on the Internet while you sit in the comfort of your own home.

Our Products

S3 stands for Sports Scheduling System. This system is over ten years in the making and still schedules sports events today.

If you have an event (sport tournament or something like a school event) we provide a way to communicate information to your customers that they need.

ProjectMarks is a graphical bookmark manager that stores your bookmarks in the cloud. You will never be without your bookmarks regardless of what computer you are on.

Sports league will manage your league on a website. It will keep track of standings, scores and upcoming schedules.

This website will keep track of your prayers. You can share prayers with friends and family also.

Allows sports enthusiasts to create a sports resume (like a virtual baseball card) so that people can see various pieces of information.

More detail about Mobile S3

This website is a specialized website that only works with the sports industry. It allows assignors and officials to schedule games that need to be officiated.

The basic problem we are solving is this. An assignor has the job of assigning sports contests to officials that are licensed to officiate the contest. In the past, the assignor use to call the officials on the phone and ask them if they were available to work the contest. Needless to say it was very time consuming and very inefficient.

This system lets the assignor enter the game information (date, time and location of the game) into the system. Then officials indicate whether or not they are available to take a game on a particular date and time. The assignor then sees the officials that could take the game and offers (via email) the game to the official. All of this activity is kept in a SQL Server database. Everyone is always on the same page because everyone is working off the same information.

One of the major benefits are email reminders. Officials receives these reminders the day before and the day of the game. In this reminder email the officials are reminded where they are going and what time the game is. Another nice benefit are the roster of other officials in the area. This is helpful in the case of someone needs to get off an assignment they have someone to contact to cover for them.

We have been refining this system for the past ten years. A lot of blood, sweat and tears have been shed creating this code. This was our first website that we have had the pleasure of building, and we have definitively learned a lot by building it.

This system could easily be ported over to another industry that needs any kind of scheduling process. If you feel your company could benefit from this technology, please feel free to contact us as soon as possible. We would love to work with your company to develop customized solutions to your scheduling problems.

This software will run on any device that can access the Internet.


More detail about Bigtime Events

We are currently developing this website and will have more to share in the coming months.

More detail about ProjectMarks

Bookmarks usually look like this in the bookmarks bar in your browser!

(My bookmarks bar)


Those bookmarks are small and not as graphical as I would have liked to look at all day. I wanted them to look more like this.


(Bookmarks in ProjectMarks )


ProjectMarks were created because I wanted a graphical interface to access my bookmarks that I used on a daily routine. The ProjectMarks are a lot more fun to look at and use. Plus you always have access to them if you are on the Internet.

This software will run on any device that can access the Internet.

More detail about Sports League

Sports League keeps your sports league, the parents, the coaches and the players. It shows schedules, standings and even the officials that are going to officiate the games. Your parents will never end up at the wrong location with our integration to Google Maps.

More details coming for Sports League.

This software will run on any device that can access the Internet.

More detail about Prayer Warriorz

Prayer Warriorz began as a small project between my wife and myself. I wanted a way to keep track of what I needed to pray for. Weather it be for my granddaughter or my kids, or my wife, I wanted to remember everything. Prayer Warriorz lets you share prayers or just keep them to yourself.

More details about Prayer Warriorz will be coming very soon!

This software will run on any device that can access the Internet.

More detail about Sports Resumes

Sports Resumes intends on creating small websites for sports families. We will create a page of information on the sports player helping the teams that they play on. This will help when a coach needs to contact the players of his/her team.