This is what we do

We provide event information for customers that are attending events.
It’s like having a web page put up for an event and then it’s deleted when the event is over.


The Events

The event can be any kind of event, but we will be focusing on sports tournaments to start with. This is because of our parent company LockerRoom Technology specializes in the sports industry.

Other events that we will be looking at are school events, reunions, travel groups and parties. If you don’t see the event type you are looking for just click this button and we will put something together for you.


The Information

The information that you will find on BigTime Events will be things such as: all of the necessary information you require like the date , time , location and contact phone numbers , a schedule for a sports team, list of hotels nearby along with discounts (if we can talk the hotel into it) , a list of restaurants to grab a bite to eat at, and real time information (like winners of tournament games) during the event.


How it works

The creator of the event (which we call the owner of the event) sets the event up with the correct date, time, phone numbers and location. The schedules are loaded after the tournament has been bracketed and then loaded into BigTime Events. Then when the day of the event comes all of the information is available for all to access on our website.


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